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Island of Sao Vicente

Cape Verde
Local Events


  • Mindelo, the capital of the island of São Vicente, is Cape Verde's cultural capital and has the most attractive city center in the Cape Verde Islands.
  • Mindelo rose to prominence in the 19th century when the British established a coaling station to supply steam ships.

  • The natural harbour is an extinct volcanic crater, whose walls have been eroded away be the sea on one side, offering calm sheltered waters in a strategic location in the Atlantic.

  • Today you can visit the bustling fruit & vegetable market and the fish market on the harbour shore or just wander around the streets and pop into some local artist galleries..

  • The charming colonial buildings, cobbled streets, numerous cafés, restaurants and a vibrant night-life make Mindelo a great place to visit.

  • Music is everywhere. Many well known singers and musicians (Cesaria Evora, Bau, Hernani) come from Mindelo.

  • The Carnival celebrations in February, particular in Mindelo and Sao Nicolao, (think mini Rio) and the music festivals in August on all the islands are meanwhile famous.

  • The beautiful green island of Santo Antonio is a 1 hour ferry trip away and is a favourite excursion from Mindelo

  • There you can walk through beautiful valleys where papaya and mangroves are growing and then find yourself in a quaint coastal village, or hike down the side of an extinct volcanic crater!



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